Today we are going to talk about Lethean ($LTHN) which is another privacy based PoW token based on the CrytpoNote protocol. Lethean has popped up on many radars due to some fantastic growth over the past month (from around 30 SATs to 65 SATs at the time of writing) and also some major exchange listings which provides an avenue to the lucrative Chinese market.

Key Stats:

Circ Supply: 465,000,000

Market Cap: $1,346,298 USD

Max Supply: Infinite, with Inflation rate of about 1.5% per year (15m)

Exchanges: Stex, Trade Ogre, Bitker – with a CNY Pairing

Wallets available: Linux, Windows, Mac (mobile wallet in Roadmap)

Proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm: CryptoNight

Premine: 150 Million. 100 Million reserved for Lethean Core Team and Advisory Board. 20 Million are reserved for the Lethean foundation, the other 30 million have been spent over the last year on infrastructure, promotions, partnerships and giveaways

What is LTHN?

LTHN is a working VPN (Virtual Private Network) product which greatly simplifies the process of anonymising your internet traffic via a web browser extension. For the extension to work correctly, you will need to download a Lethean Wallet and configure to the extension, but once that is done, you will be able to browse the web anonymously or access previously unavailable geo-locked content via your VPN.  The VPN services are paid for with the LTHN token, with pricing ranging from 0.1 LTHN/min to 0.001 LTHN/min – this is about 0.00004c at the time of writing.

You are also able to earn LTHN by providing Exit Node services to users, of which there are already 14 in existence. This service can simply enable someone else to download content only available in your country, or enable residents of supressed nations to access news and information that is otherwise unavailable in their region.

Why are VPN’s important?

The most common use case for a VPN is probably utilising torrent services to download content illegally, and probably why using them is always associated with nefarious activity, but the legitimate use cases certainly exist.

If you are a journalist in Russia, China or the Middle East, chances are that what you do online is monitored – this is a worst case scenario, yet we need to be cognisant of suppressive governments and regimes who do not want bad information regarding them leaked.

Operating in the Crypto sphere, browser anonymity is very important because we are dealing with large volume transactions, and if this is not done privately, your ISP (internet service provider) will have identifiable information that could be linked to a crypto wallet address.

Data mining is also becoming an increasing concern, with the likes of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica monetising user activities.  Internet users should be able to operate with the peace of mind that their information is not being logged and sold by huge multinational communications corporations, who already charge us to use their services – our data is ours alone and we should be able to exercise our rights of basic privacy.

Total addressable market

The current VPN market is sized at around $20B USD annually. Considering the above and the very valid concerns of privacy on the Internet, this is anticipated to grow to $36B USD by the year 2022. One of the main reasons I love Lethean is the fact they are a very small market cap ($1.9m) with a working product, in a huge market that is anticipated to grow roughly 18% year on year.

What separates Lethean from other VPN providers is the fact that this is a 100% anonymous solution. When subscribing to current VPN services, this needs to be paid for using identifiable information like a credit card – so whilst your browsing may be protected, there is still a centralised organisation somewhere with your details, and they will also more likely than not have logs of your traffic, which they can also sell, or provide to a government organisation.

Lethean is a decentralised VPN service with 100% anonymous payments, utilising Ring Signature technology, which only records there was a payment made, and completely obfuscates who the payment was made by. Most VPN services are also paid for on a monthly or annual subscription service, whereas the Lethean model is a ‘pay as you go’ which creates true flexibility for the solution. This is why I think they will be able to capture some of this market, with 1% of the current market being $200m.

The Team

The team has combined experience of more than 100 years in cybersecurity and blockchains. They are also very active on Github with over 445 commits and 14 contributors up until this point. The team are also legitimate in the fact they are not anonymous which lends credibility to operate in the security world of corporations as well as retail users.


As per the many Github commits, the Lethean team are keeping up with their roadmap plans. New software releases and code security audits are planned for this quarter, but more importantly for potential investors, the US and UK market analysis activities are beginning in earnest. 2019 will be a huge year for Lethean, with myriad functions being enabled, and an aggressive marketing campaign alongside a new exchange listing . Q4 of 2019 expects to see hardware integration which will open up the business market and accelerate growth.  As it is already a working product, it is an order of magnitude ahead of other crypto projects, and the focus will be on promoting the brand and awareness.


I am extremely bullish on privacy coins and functions. Lethean have managed to improve an existing service like a VPN by utilising new technology in blockchain to further enhance the original function of privacy. Anyone using a VPN today would bite your hand off to add another layer of security or anonymity to their online activity, and as data becomes increasingly important, and users become aware, services like Lethean will prove invaluable for those that want to protect their personal information as much as possible. Lethean is a strong buy, anywhere up to 120 SATs in my opinion. It’s still very much under the radar, and lots of room to grow.

Best of luck my Crypto brothers and sisters – may all your bags moon.

Researched by Satoshi Nakameowdough |